Annual butterfly

…The annual butterflies embody the ongoing metamorphosis of myself as an artist, and the advancement of our techniques and craftsmanship.

Each year, since 2008, one of nature’s most ravishingly beautiful and fragile creatures flutters into Cindy Chao’s collection. Whimsically colourful, so light and graceful on the wing, the butterfly inspires some of her most magical jewels.

Aurora Butterfly Brooch

2019 Black Label Masterpiece I

“Pigeon’s blood” Burmese rubies 4 pieces / 8.48 carats; Triangular rose-cut diamonds 2 pieces / 10.19 carats; Diamonds 138.91 carats; Sapphires 76.60 carats; Yellow diamonds 15.93 carats; Rubies 2.88 carats

Ruby Butterfly Brooch

Black Label Masterpiece I, 2015-16

Cushion-shaped non-heat Burmese “pigeon’s blood” ruby 5.16 cts, diamonds 70.04 cts, rubies 45.90 cts
11.0 x 12.5 cm

Ballerina Butterfly Brooch

Black Label Masterpiece I, 2013-14

Cushion-shaped fancy brown-yellow diamond 26.27 cts, rough diamonds 47.71 cts, fancy coloured diamonds 47.35 cts, diamonds 50.72 cts, conch pearls 10.75 cts
11.7 x 12.5 cm

Cindy and I share a wonderful rapport. The experience of creating the Ballerina Butterfly has brought us even closer… as creative partners and friends. I believe high jewellery, like ballet, is a very elevated art form that exudes great expression and great style. It was a privilege to be a part of the creation of something extraordinary… for a wonderful cause.

Symbols of the soul, femininity and metamorphosis, butterflies are a reflection of Cindy’s own journey: her metamorphosis into a jewellery artist. They also are a reminder that even the briefest of lives must be lived to the fullest. This drives her dedication to shaping even more spectacular fantasies between her fingers, conveying in her delicate moulding of their wings, the essence of their beauty and fragility.

Transcendence Butterfly Brooch

Black Label Masterpiece I, 2012

Pentagonal-shaped diamond 3.10 cts,
diamonds 80.19 cts, sapphires 40.88 cts
10.7 x 8 cm

Perfection Butterfly Brooch

Black Label Masterpiece I, 2011

Pear-shaped fancy yellow diamond 5.32 cts, fancy coloured diamonds 9.31 cts, diamonds 9 cts, coloured sapphires 60.04 cts, rhodolites 1.70 cts
9.4 x 7 cm

Only one butterfly is created each year, and each takes more than 18 months to complete as Cindy sets herself fresh challenges with both the design and exploring innovative and challenging techniques for the settings. She brings the butterflies to life using vibrant gemstones. Rubies, rough diamonds, sapphires of every hue and thousands of meticulously-set pavé diamonds shimmer over every curved surface of these sculpted forms. Viewed from every angle and aspect these graceful jewelled butterflies capture the delicacy and emulate the wonder that nature creates.

Crimson Rose Butterfly Brooch

Black Label Masterpiece I, 2010

Cabochon ruby 9.45 cts, rough diamonds 21.82 cts, fancy coloured diamonds 22.63 cts, diamonds 26.06 cts
9.1 x 6.9 cm

Royal Butterfly Brooch

Black Label Masterpiece I, 2009

Emerald-cut diamond 1.64 cts, rough diamonds 16.63 cts, diamonds 19.20 cts, fancy coloured diamonds 12.96 cts, sapphires and colour-changing sapphires 16.64 cts, rubies 8.74 cts, tsavorites 1.16 cts
10.5 x 6.4 cm

Ruby Butterfly Brooch

Black Label Masterpiece I, 2008

Non-heated Burmese rubies 12.89 cts, fancy coloured diamonds 7.50 cts, diamonds 6.36 cts, colour-changing sapphires 1.90 cts
5.1 x 4.3 cm